Sunpentown RF-440W Compact Refrigerator

The Sunpentown RF-440W compact refrigerator has a volume of 4.6-cubic-foot so is ideal for office use, as a beer fridge, in a dorm or a small apartment or as back up for a family.

The Sunpentown compact refrigerator has a removable crisper drawer and three removable full width, full depth shelves. The freezer body is also in the main refrigerator area which is full width and has its own door. This model is a manual defrost. The interior of the refrigerator is illuminated. The thermostat is next to the freezer door and faces you as you open the main refrigerator door. The door handle is recessed for convenience.

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There is storage in the door also with a 6 can holder (3 by 2), two  more shelves next to this for taller cans (2) and more compact containers (2), and a full with section at the base of the door for taller bottles like the two liter drink bottles.

The Sunpentown compact refrigerator has reversible doors, and it has adjustable front feet for leveling and a flush back design allowing easier positioning and for extra space saving. It is available in white and stainless. The dimensions of the Sunpentown compact refrigerator are: Height 33.5 inches; Width 19.8 inches; Depth 22.1  inches. It has a one year limited warranty.

Sunpentown Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications

  • Compact 4.4 cubic foot capacity fridge/freezer.
  • The Sunpentown compact refrigerator has an inside light..
  • Fridge area has see-through crisper drawer; 3 adjustable shelves; a thermostat.
  • Door has separate 3×2 can holder; space for taller bottles, plus 2 top shelves.
  • The door is reversible; front legs are adjustable;
  • Flush back convenience and space saving.
  • Dimensions: H 33.5 inches; W 19.8 inches; D 22.1 inches.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Estimated Annual power consumption $31

Sunpentown compact refrigerator Reviews

Well people who bought the Sunpentown compact refrigerator were a bit ho hum, but looking around we found 40 % rated it a 5 and 35% rated it a 4. May be early days, but three quarters of those who purchased it liked it

There were some comments that the door shelf wouldn?t hold a quart of milk and the can dispenser was too specialized for a mini fridge and couldn?t really be used for anything else. But such comments were in the minority.


The Sunpentown mini fridge is reported as quiet, with people noting that even when it starts its cycle there is hardly a sound. This important for some when they have it in their dorm or bedroom etc.

This Sunpentown compact refrigerator was bought by people who wanted refrigeration rather than freezing, so the 3.6 cubic foot volume of refrigeration space was appreciated and the balance (0.8 cubic feet) of the freezer was also used, and because the freezer was full width it was handy for flat containers or you can lie things down so they fit.

So it seems that the Sunpentown RF-440W compact refrigerator has pleased most of its owners, so we would tend to recommend it but at Position 5.



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