Sanyo SR-A2480M 2.4-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator

The Sanyo SR-A2480M 2.4-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator like its slightly bigger brothers does not lose functionality just because it is 2.6 cubic feet. It has a freezer compartment that runs across half the width of the fridge at the top with an ice cube tray.

The stainless steel door is reversible, increasing the flexibility of where the Sanyo compact refrigerator can be positioned. The handle for the door is recessed for extra compactness and it can hold five drink cans in a dispenser down one side. At the base of the door next to the can dispenser there is room for a couple of taller containers like 2 liter drink bottles and maybe a one liter bottle like flavored milk. The Sanyo compact refrigerator has full width shelf storage above the can dispenser and the two bottle storage for more compact containers like yoghurt or packaged deserts etc.

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The Sanyo compact Refrigerator has a thermostat which is easily adjustable, and if necessary the defrosting is manual. The dimensions of the Sanyo compact refrigerator  are: Height 24.9 inches; Width 17.75 inches; Depth 18.7 inches, so it is ideal for tight corners etc. It weighs about 43 pounds.

The smooth back feature of the Sanyo compact refrigerator allows placement in most areas and there are adjustable feet to get it level. To stop the problem of marks appearing on the stainless steel, like finger prints, there is a hard, clear plastic coating which also makes the front of the door easy to clean.

Sanyo SR-A2480M Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications:

  • Total cold storage capacity of 2.4 cubic feet
  • Temperature control by variable thermostat
  • Manual defrost
  • Coated Stainless Steel Door Resists Fingerprints
  • The door is reversible and can hold drink cans, 2 liter bottles  and plastic containers.
  • Can Dispenser is available in the Sanyo compact Refrigerator.
  • The design includes a smooth back for ease of placement
  • The freezer compartment is half width. with Ice cube tray.
  • Two removable coated wire shelves.
  • Its dimensions are: H 24.9 inches; W 17.75 inches; D 18.7 inches. Weight 43 pounds
  • Estimated Annual power consumption $33.

Sanyo SR-A2480M Compact Refrigerator Reviews

This Sanyo compact fridge is quite popular and appears to do a good job of keeping things cool. Half the reviewers gave it a 5 rating with 20% giving it a rating of 4. So 70% of users are happy with the Sanyo compact fridge.

Like the other Sanyo reviewed people liked the design or ?look? of this Sanyo compact refrigerator because it is simple and functional. Features like the recessed door handle, the reversible doors and the flush back meant it was easy to place in areas where space was limiting.

Users liked the storage options available because with limited space it is important to try and use most of the 2.4 cubic feet of this Sanyo compact refrigerator. So with both shelves removable it increases storage flexibility. Some people would have liked a bigger freezer but realized the fridge space in this size refrigerator is more important. In a similar way some people thought that the can dispenser in the door was a bit unnecessary because if you didn?t drink much soda it was a waste of space..


The Sanyo compact refrigerator seems to do its job well, that is, keeping food cold ? there were no comments to the contrary about this, although with the freezer in the fridge area you have to be careful not to put some items like fruit to close or they can get freezer burnt. So food items like this are best stored lower down the fridge.

According to Energy Guide the Sanyo counter high refrigerator uses about $33 per year.

By the way? the plastic coating on the front to protect the stainless steel, still allows you to hang stuff with your magnet!

We recommend the Sanyo SR-A2480M compact Refrigerator at Position 4. It is a mini fridge but still does what any refrigerator is designed to do ? keep things cool


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