Sanyo SR-3770S Mini Fridge

The Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge does not lose functionality just because it is 3.7 cubic feet. It has a freezer that runs across the top of the fridge with an ice compartment and tray. As well, the shelves are clear, and designed to avoid spills. At the bottom of the fridge is a crisper bin for fruit or veges.

The stainless steel door is reversible  for flexibility with decor, and the door holds five drink cans in a dispenser and at its base is room for a couple of small containers like 2 liter drink bottles and maybe a one liter bottle like flavored milk. Beside the drink cans there are spaces for containers like yoghurt or prepared deserts etc.

We have found that has a wide range of some of the best mini fridges in the market, includding the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge.

The Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge has a broad range thermostat which is easily adjustable, and for general maintenance it has a manual defrosting option. The dimensions of this mini fridge are: Height 33.5 inches; Width 18.6 inches; Depth 19.9 inches. It weighs about 60 pounds.

This Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge has a counter top designed for use as bench space with a handy 2.5 square feet of space to use, and this counter top is designed to cope with a 12 fluid ounce spill to avoid unnecessary mopping up duties! The smooth back feature allows placement in most areas. To stop the problem of marks appearing on the stainless steel, like finger prints, there is a hard, clear plastic coating which also makes the front of the door easy to clean.

Sanyo SR-3770S Mini Fridge Features and Specifications:

  • Total cold storage capacity of 3.7 cubic feet
  • Purpose designed top for use as bench space (2.5 sq. ft)
  • Temperature control by variable adjuster and thermostat
  • Manual defrost available
  • Coated Stainless Steel Door Resists Fingerprints
  • The door is reversible and can hold drink cans and plastic containers.
  • Can Dispenser is available in the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge
  • The design includes a smooth back for ease of placement
  • Freezer compartment has its own Ice cube area with a tray.
  • The interior shelves are see through and designed to avoid spilling
  • Its dimensions are: H33.5 inches; W 18.6 inches; D 19.9 inches. Weight 60 pounds
  • Estimated Annual power consumption $27.

Sanyo SR-3770S Mini Fridge Reviews

For some reason a number of people had problems with their fridges arriving in a damaged state. So because we are reviewing the actual operation of the appliance we have not included these reviews in our calculation. The Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge had a large percentage of positive comments. Those rating it at 5 were 41% of the sample; those rating it a 4, 33% making a total of 76% .

In general terms Amazon again has been congratulated by the majority of people who had problems with damaged goods.

People liked the design, describing it as sleek and shiny and they say it fits into their décor with ease. Some also appreciated the smooth back of the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge because it allowed them more flexibility of where they could position it.

It seems that it is very quiet in operation, even on startup from thermostat, and does the job any fridge should do keeps things cool. There is some thought that you could turn the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge  into a freezer because on full throttle it tended to freeze things. Of course this will depend on where it is placed and the average surrounding temperature.


There was comment, though, about items at the top of the refrigerator adjacent to the ice box freezing. Some people commented that with a bit of experimentation you could find the perfect setting for the operation of the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge. For example, some complained that the freezer box looked like the North Pole after a few weeks while others have had the fridge for a year and only had to defrost it twice. One user started off with a ¾ setting but has settled for ¼.

This Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge also appears to be reliable with some people who have had it more than a year or two saying they have had no problems with it. According to Energy Guide the Sanyo counter high refrigerator uses about $27 per year.

By the way, the plastic coating on the front to protect the stainless steel, still allows you to hang stuff with your magnet!

We recommend the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge at Position 4. Its performance seems to have pleased the majority who have purchased it.

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