Igloo FR180 1.7 cubic-foot Compact Refrigerator

The Igloo FR180 1.7 cubic-foot compact refrigerator has a stainless steel finish on the door, and black glossy sides that gives it clean lines so it fits into any décor whether it be kitchen, dorm, office, recreation room or motel. There is also a reversible door feature giving it more flexibility for fitting into confined spaces. Added to this is a flush back design which assists in its compactness.

The Igloo compact refrigerator has a small freezer compartment which is a bit wider than half the width of the refrigerator. There is an ice cube tray and a storage drip tray.

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There is one coated wire shelf that is removable and adjustable in three positions for flexibility of storage options. In the Igloo compact refrigerator door there is an upper, half-width shelf that faces the opening of the freezer when the door is closed, and at the base of the door is a full width shelf for taller items. The door handle is recessed.

The dimensions of the Igloo compact refrigerator are: Height 21 inches; Width 18 inches; Depth 20inches making it almost a cube. The back of this model is flush so there are no projections which improves its space saving, because it can be set against the wall leaving only a small gap.

The Igloo FR180 Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications

  • Reversible, soft line door.
  • Small freezer compartment.
  • The Igloo compact refrigerator has a flush back design.
  • One removable coated wire shelf, three positions.
  • Fridge has a half door width upper shelf plus a lower area for taller bottles.
  • Thermostat, Low energy consumption about $29 per year
  • Dimensions: H 21 inches; W 18 inches; 20 inches.

The Igloo FR180 Compact Refrigerator Reviews

The Igloo compact refrigerator is a true compact fridge being almost a perfect cube in shape, and did receive some positive comments, with some owners commenting specifically about its ability to keep things very cold if necessary. Only 37.5% of reviewers gave it a 5, but 31% rated it at 4 so 67.5% of those that reviewed it found it a good little fridge.

There were some reviewers that cast doubt about Igloo compact refrigerators longer term reliability, and the manufacturers customer support came in for some criticism.

Owners found that Igloo compact refrigerator was great at keeping things cold, and on a scale of 1-7 on the thermostat, a setting of 3 was all it needed. Most found it very quiet and were pleased with the amount of storage space the mini fridge actually had. The freezer compartment did tend to frost up, especially if the Igloo compact refrigerator was opened a lot. Some found the thermostat position a bit awkward.


There were quite a few comments about the Igloo compact refrigerators looks. Having a stainless steel door and the glossy black sides, some owners thought it added to the decor. The flush back design was seen as a benefit, especially were space was a premium, because only a small space was needed when placed against the wall.

So although people who use the Igloo compact refrigerator didn?t get too excited about it (well it is just a very small fridge!), it was found to do the job very well and it had good looks which added to its appeal. S0 we are thinking we will recommend this Igloo compact refrigerator but at the Position of 6.

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