Haier HNSE05VS-01 4.6-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator Freezer

The Haier HNSE05VS-01 4.6-Cubic-Foot compact Refrigerator Freezer is a compact refrigerator which, because of its design, can be used where it will easily service one or two people or where space is limiting. So it is ideally suited for a dorm, a bar area, an office or a recreational room.

In the main body of the Haier compact refrigerator freezer there are three glass shelves that are full width and depth.  These shelves slide out so their configuration can be adjusted. Also in the main body there is a full width storage or drip tray that is convertible, and a half width freezer area that includes an ice cube tray.  The door of the Haier compact refrigerator also has three full width shelves in the top half, an area at the base of the door for 2 liter size bottles, plus a facility to store cans. The upper shelves in the door can take drink cans or similar sized packaging. The door has a recessed handle for convenience.

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The thermostat for the Haier compact refrigerator freezer can be readily adjusted. It is a manual defrost refrigerator with a defrost drain included. The refrigerator has adjustable leveling for its legs and is flush back so can be stood neat against the wall.

Its dimensions of the Haier compact refrigerator freezer are: Height 32.1 inches; Width 20.3 inches; Depth 22.25 inches. It comes only in black.

The Haier Compact Refrigerator Freezer Features and Specifications

  • In the main body are three removable glass shelves and a storage/drip tray.
  • The Haier compact refrigerator freezer is 4.6 cubic feet.
  • Dimensions H 32.1 inches; W 20.3 inches; D 22.25 inches
  • The door has two upper shelves, and a lower area for taller bottles and a can dispenser.
  • The door handle is recessed.
  • The freezer is half width containing one ice cube tray. Defrosting is manual with defrost drain..
  • Has adjustable Legs for leveling.
  • The thermostat is readily adjustable.
  • This mini fridge is flush back for convenience
  • One year limited warranty

The Haier Compact Refrigerator Freezer Reviews

The Haier compact refrigerator freezer pleased the majority who reviewed it with overall 50% rating it a 5 and 25% rating it a 4 stars so 75% were pleased with their purchase. One thing mentioned by a reviewer and we have mentioned this in other reviews. For example: If the Haier compact refrigerator freezer or any refrigerator is tilted more than 45o during transit, they need to be stood upright, unplugged for 24 hours. Then when turned on, the thermostat should be set at 4 for the first 24 hours.

People moan about the appliance when it is not the appliance that is at fault!  We have made allowance for this in our reviews


Most people found that the Haier compact refrigerator freezer worked well. It was reasonably quiet and there was no vibration felt, although there was a small sound when starting its cycle but this was not intrusive. The freezer compartment while not huge was adequate for small items and with its own door does actually keep things frozen. The controls seemed to work effectively because temperature could be set at the desired level and it stayed there.

Generally people thought the Haier compact refrigerator freezer was a good size, with the layout well designed and the three adjustable shelves were handy.

Not a huge sample but the Haier compact refrigerator freezer does seem to perform  OK and so please most of those who bought it. So we would tend to recommend this compact fridge at Position 3.


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