Beer Coolers or Mini Fridges or Whatever!

Beer is a well known drink for many social gatherings or get togethers, but there is nothing worse than a warm Beer! Some people have varying sizes of refrigerator for storing their small fridgebeer but the most popular is the mini fridge in the basement or garage.

You can achieve serving a cold beer by using an insulated like container. But you have to make sure the beer bottles are very cold before you put them in the insulated container because such a container only keeps them cold for a set period of time –  such containers  don?t have a refrigeration unit. I mean they do the job, but if using them you have to make sure that the container is large enough for everyone to have a beer and that the time between putting them in and using them up is not too long, especially on a hot day!

Some insulated containers for beer are developed as a marketing ploy by the beer companies themselves. So when you go to the liquor store in summer you may see them advertised, sometimes free if you buy a certain type of beer. A lot of the time people like to use containers with no information on them that might show there is beer inside! Especially if camping or on a picnic. So they will use the type used for day picnics etc for keeping food and other beverages cold. In this way no one can tell what is stored inside.

Size Does Matter!

Non Compact RefrigeratorAs mentioned, Mini fridges or just small fridges are used a lot as beer fridges. They run on electricity very cheaply and allow the main home refrigerator to be used for food and other family beverages. Because of their size they can be placed any where really, with some designed so that you can store things on top. Some small fridges can fit under the counter. This means they can go in the games room, the family room or the garage. The garage is a good place because the temperature variations are not as big as inside the house, usually. Some people think they are a waste of energy but a well run small fridge will cost less than $3 a month, and hey you can store other beverages in them ? it doesn?t have to be all beer!



The Same By Any Name

This type of fridge is known by a few names because of  their size: Mini Fridge, Small Fridge, Small Refrigerator, Beer Fridge, Compact Refrigerator, Mini Bar Fridge.Click Here  to see some Reviews Simply speaking they are less than half the size of a normal Family fridge and can get quite small ? to as little as 1.5 cubic foot.  There are types that are much the same as looks as their bigger cousins, then there are those with clear fronts so you can see the contents. The majority of these midget fridges are of big enough dimensions to stand cans up in them, possibly two layers and including the door, and some you can stand up small bottles as well ? may be a dozen or so. They are not really designed for larger bottles.

The ?Beer Fridge? or Mini fridge are popular and can be found in most stores selling this type of home appliance and can be easily found on line as well e.g. By deciding mini fridgewhat dimensions you can accommodate and looking at the different shapes and configurations, you will be able to find the one that fills your need. These small fridges or beer coolers will cost between $200 and $150 depending on the size obviously but also if they have a separate freezer compartment or one inside the main refrigerator. The smallest mini fridge can run from $25 to about $150 depending on what brand and type you buy. Obviously at this price you are getting something that is only really good for keeping a small amount of liquid cool.

I think the mini fridge, small fridge, beer fridge, beer cooler, mini bar fridge, compact fridge or whatever it is that you call them are very worthwhile and very convenient. Nothing more pleasing on a hot day, over a light lunch etc., to go to the garage and get some ice cold beer ? just great!

Hey, perhaps the mini fridge should be renamed the “man fridge”, very trendy!

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